PhD Pre Workout Perform 20 Servings

PhD Nutrition Pre-WKT PERFORM is a high quality pre workout that has been mood to help you gain the energy you need to perform at your chosen workout.
Manufacturer: PhD
4,900.00 (PKR)
3,920.00 (PKR)

PhD Pre-Wkt PERFORM is a high-intensity pre-workout drink to be used before serious performance training of any kind. It is specifically targeted for use by athletes seeking increased strength, power, and performance in bursts of short-term, high-intensity exercise.

This product contains ingredients such as Beta Alanine, Leucine, Creatine, Caffeine and a unique blend of Peak O2™.

Containing optimal and fully dosed levels of Creatine Monohydrate and Beta Alanine, Pre-Wkt PERFORM also contains 2.6g per serving of the revolutionary whole food Peak 02™, a brand new adaptogenic whole food linked through research with having a beneficial impact on improving peak power output during workouts.

  • Improve Your Performance
  • Fully Dosed Formulation
  • Formulated with Peak O2 & Leucine

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